iCarMagic / e-Pencil.com & AutoPencil.com

iCarMagic LLC is pleased to announce that it has completed the asset acquisition of two independent auto dealer software sites: e-Pencil.com and AutoPencil.com. Both companies were involved in helping car dealers prepare and estimate payment options on new and used cars for retail customers. The acquired "pencil" technology has been integrated into iCarMagic's suite of CRM, Website and Inventory tools and will launch on February 1st 2006 in full release.

iCarMagic is the fastest growing customer relationship management software company aimed at the expansive automobile retailing marketplace and is an approved solution for most of the major automobile manufacturers in the United States. The company creates customer relationship software, internet lead management solutions, inventory management systems, websites, DeskLog, AutoPencil and eBay auction services specifically for the automobile retailing industry.



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At 10:40 PM, Blogger sweetiepie said...

Sucks there's legal trouble... from ICarMagics founders blog: microworkz.com/2006/07/richard_keith_l.html


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