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Yahoo! today announced that it has acquired Maven Networks, Inc., a leading online video platform provider, to expand state-of-the-art consumer video and advertising experiences on Yahoo!.com and Yahoo!'s network of premium video publishers across the web. Under the terms of the agreement, Yahoo! acquired Maven Networks for approximately USD 160m.

Yahoo! and Maven will be able to offer publishers a full portfolio of technology and media solutions. Yahoo! already has the largest library of professionally produced legally licensed video content and has video advertising relationships with over 75% of the top TV advertisers. Additionally, Yahoo! has advertising relationships with a growing number of premium publishers including eBay, Comcast, Newspaper Consortium, Forbes.com and others. Maven's platform is currently used to manage, distribute and monetize premium online video content for over 30 major media companies, including Fox News, Sony BMG, CBS Sports, Hearst, Gannett, Scripps Networks, and the Financial Times as well as hundreds of their affiliates. Together they represent one of the most robust video platforms in the industry.

Yahoo! intends to invest in the growth of Maven's overall video business, continuing to provide premium publishers with both publishing and new advertising solutions. Yahoo! intends to expand on the Maven offering with video monetization services allowing publishers to take advantage of Yahoo!'s industry leading display sales force and advanced technologies for delivering consumers more relevant advertising experiences, both of which help them maximize their video advertising dollars.

With this acquisition, Yahoo! has established a Cambridge, MA presence and Maven has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yahoo!.

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At 10:15 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

As a customer who has tried both systems, I can tell you that Maven and Brightcove are today not that different. Maven has not required a plugin for over two years now and is 100% streaming based. It has the higher end system of the two. Brightcove has many small media customers (like the Ship Wreck Channel) while Maven has many more big media customers (like Fox, Gannett, Scripps, Sony, etc.). Their revenue structures are different with Maven charging a recurring fee for use of its system and Brightcove marking up and reselling Limelight bandwidth. If you take out the bandwidth element, Brightcove's net revenue is probably less than Maven's. It says a lot that Yahoo picked Maven as the company to buy vs. Brightcove...


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