GeoTrust / TC TrustCenter

GeoTrust, Inc., a leader in identity verification solutions for e-business and a leading issuer of digital certificates for web security, today announced that it has acquired the entire assets of TC TrustCenter, a German company with a strong portfolio of IT security solutions. The acquisition provides GeoTrust with industry-leading smart card solutions.

The TC TrustCenter acquisition will enhance GeoTrust's focus on providing identity verification and authentication solutions that enable businesses, institutions and consumers to conduct secure network transactions. The TC TrustCenter solutions will enhance GeoTrust's product set by allowing strategic applications such as secure e-mail, secure VPN (Virtual Private Networks), digital signatures, encryption and access control on a single identity card, providing portability for digital certificates. Additional GeoTrust solutions, which will be marketed by TC TrustCenter, include managed security services for large enterprises; web security services for hosting providers; identity verification services to confirm the identity of businesses, individuals and web sites; and digital signing services for documents and code.

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