Internet Brands / VacationHomes.com - Vamoose.com

Internet Brands, Inc., a leading operator of media and e-commerce sites for "large ticket" consumer purchases, today announced the acquisition of online vacation rental sites VacationHomes.com and Vamoose.com. This expansion creates the third major category for Internet Brands, which pioneered consumer direct online car buying in 1999 with CarsDirect.com and expanded into the home mortgage lending category in 2004.

Internet Brands' interest in the vacation rentals market is due to its large size and tight fit with the Internet. Vacation rentals represent approximately 20% of all lodging expenditures worldwide and are gaining share as the Internet makes a highly fragmented market far more accessible to consumers.

With these latest acquisitions, Internet Brands continues to expand its portfolio of companies that are benchmarks for consumer choice and convenience in the highest value Internet categories.