VoIP, Inc. / Caerus, Inc.

VoIP, Inc. and Caerus, Inc. announced today they have completed the acquisition of Caerus by VoIP and will immediately begin the process of merging operations. As part of the agreement, VoIP, Inc. has acquired 100 percent of the business of Caerus, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries Volo Communications, Inc., Caerus Networks, Inc., and Caerus Billing, Inc. in exchange for 16.9 million common shares of VoIP Inc. stock - a transaction valued at $30 million. VoIP, Inc. will continue to operate Caerus, Inc. and its subsidiaries under their existing names, consolidating all operations under VoIP, Inc. Steven Ivester continues as CEO of VoIP, Inc. and all of the subsidiaries, and Shawn Lewis, Caerus' Founder and CEO becomes Chief Technology Officer of VoIP, Inc. Further details of the transaction can be found in the Company's Form 8-K filed today with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

VoIP, Inc. CEO Steven Ivester commented, "The synergies of VoIP, Inc. and Caerus are unmistakable and cannot be found anywhere else in the industry. We are creating a combined company with one of the broadest product offerings, deepest distribution channels, largest sales and service support teams - which just doubled in size - in the industry - not to mention one of the largest proprietary Voice over IP (VoIP) networks in the U.S. It's a combination that will benefit all of VoIP, Inc. and Caerus, Inc. customers and suppliers."