Sticky Web, Inc. acquisition propels strategy

(BUSINESS WIRE) --May 5, 2005-- Sticky Web, Inc. acquisition strengthens business model.

With the signing of the definitive agreement to acquire Estrela Marketing Solutions of Delray Beach, Florida, Sticky Web has implemented the first of three stages of its business strategy. The first stage is to make an acquisition that compliment its e-mail management and marketing patent, number 6,631,400.

The second stage is to roll out its Mail Wiz® technology as an ASP. The data files and e-mail records of the acquired company will be integrated into the Mail Wiz® ASP. Mail Wiz® is a fully automated e-mail management and marketing system available in real-time.

Sticky Web has developed the Mail Wiz®, e-mail marketing and management technology, as well as the Sticky Web®, website development and design technology, that operate together to provide a comprehensive and unique e-mail management and marketing solution.

The third stage is to create business relationships with companies using a patent driven strategy that compliments Sticky Web's patents and IP portfolio.