NetCert / 315.com.cn

NetCert, Inc. announces it has successfully acquired 315.com.cn, a popular web site in China with several million users.

This acquisition is a part of NetCert's expansion strategies to aggressively broaden the user base of their fast growing Treasure Island Mall as well as its peripheral services. NetCert is consolidating 315.com.cn into Treasure Island Mall to provide access to the loyal 315.com.cn fans and users.

"We are pleased to have 315.com.cn as a member of the NetCert family. The acquisition of 315.com.cn gives NetCert reach to potentially millions of new consumers. This acquisition will considerably increase the asset base of NetCert," states Mr. Andy Wang, founder and Chairman of NetCert.

The acquisition of 315.com.cn gives Beijing NetCert a launch pad for its Treasure Island Mall and 315.com.cn provides instant membership, web traffic and exposure for Treasure Island.

An acquisition such as 315.com.cn is just one of what we hope to be many as we move forward with our global expansion plans.