I-Sector / Network Architechs

I-Sector Corporation today announced that it has acquired Network Architechs Corp., an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based leading Cisco-centric IP Telephony and network infrastructure solution provider throughout New Mexico and West Texas with approximately $20 million in annual revenues. The acquisition will become part of I-Sector's InterNetwork Experts subsidiary, and the Company expects the transaction to be accretive to earnings per share for 2005.

"This transaction expands our market presence into a key Sunbelt state and is part of our planned national expansion," said James H. Long, I-Sector's Chairman and CEO. "Like I-Sector, Network Architechs has grown rapidly, benefiting from the double digit growth of IP Telephony technology in the enterprise space. This acquisition, coupled with our solid organic growth will continue to build our position as a leading Cisco-centric IP Telephony partner."

Network Architechs, the largest Gold Certified Cisco partner in New Mexico and West Texas, is a professional internetworking services company that designs, implements, maintains and supports advanced IP communications networks to meet the demands of today's economic and business climate. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the organization will operate as part of I-Sector's Internetwork Experts, Inc. subsidiary following the transaction.



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