Globat.com / EntityHosting.com

Los Angeles-based Globat.com, the world-leader in Performance Web Hosting(TM), today announced it acquired shared web hosting provider EntityHosting.com of San Diego, California-based Entity Communications, LLC. in an all cash transaction, adding Entity's customers to Globat.com's existing customer base and signaling a change in the company's so far conservative expansion policy by including growth through acquisition.

"With the acquisition of EntityHosting.com we have taken a step forward in widening our customer acquisition strategy by helping other web hosting organizations to implement our hosting solutions, which can be put in place rapidly, reduce costs, and drive up customer satisfaction and loyalty," said Ben R. Neumann, President and CEO of Globat.com. "Naturally we will continue to support and honor Entity's current customer agreements."

Entity's previous hosting customers will now benefit from an expanded range of products and services on offer from Globat.com, including 24/7 signature support, low-cost domain name registration, e-commerce hosting, and Globat's advanced B2 hosting platform.

Patrick Salami, founder and CEO of Entity Communications, LLC., said, "Globat.com's acquisition of EntityHosting.com again signals more consolidation in the market. The clear benefit for our customers is the access to Globat's experience and technology. Being a global player, they have the latest products and feature set, which can only be of great benefit to our customers."